About Sassy Fierce

I am Natekia aka Sassy Fierce. Your favorite Art Instructor and your New #ArtistBae

Art has always been my passion since my sandbox & Melissa jelly sandal days, however I knew that my family wanted me to do something more important. I went to Howard University to study Psychology, because I always knew I wanted to help people connect with their feelings. I wasn't completely married to the idea of the whole college experience and got easily distracted. I then, dropped out Sophomore Year and birthed my beautiful daughter.


During that break, I decided to go to art school, just for fun and ended up falling in love again. Feeling the inner happiness I once felt as a child when being in the atmosphere of any creative tools; I knew who I was and became firm on what I wanted to do. I explored many art types and have found my niche... for now.

I created Tipsy Topics & Textures, and the evolution of this company is so unique because, it has brought me full circle. Engaging in my surprise topics, indulging in award-winning wine, and bringing home the masterpiece that you've created (that you had no idea was in you) was my initial goal for my guest when I created this complete art experience; But it is maturing. 

My current goal is to bring you along for a healing session with me. Now, a single mother of two, Art has brought me so much inner peace. I've decided to continue education at Georgia State University to pursue a Masters in Psychology and follow with a certification in Art Therapy. I am very excited for this because the same enthusiasm that I have for Art itself, I share with helping people grow. 

Be apart of something special and contribute to our new home here!






"Art is not what you see, but what you make others see." -Edgar Degas


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